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October 2017 Discussion (Don’t Go in the Old Greene House, A Very Very VERY Scary House, Guilded Youth)

Our games this month were ‘Don’t go in the Old Greene House‘ by Laura Knetzger, ‘A Very Very VERY Scary House‘ by Anna Anthropy (illustrated by Shelley Hu), and ‘Guilded Youth‘ by Jim Munroe and Matt Hammill.

This month we’re trying a new discussion format inna podcast style. Discussion guests this month are Kevin Snow and Priscilla Snow. Kevin+Priscilla have collaborated on interactive fiction for a few years now, creating The Domovoi, Beneath Floes, and The Relief of Impact. They’re working now on a game called Southern Monsters, which we talk about in relation to this month’s games.

Download mp3.

Thanks to Kevin+Priscilla for the interesting conversation & hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments!

July 2017 Discussion (‘My boyfriend came back from the war ‘, ‘The Space Under the Window’, ‘Aisle’)

Our games this month were “My boyfriend came back from the war” by Olia Lialina, “The Space Under The Window” by Andrew Plotkin, and “Aisle” by Sam Barlow.

Looking forward to discussing them with you in the comments below this week! I’ll post my own thoughts as comments this time instead of a big text dump in the post body 😉